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* Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) special program
** Offers Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) & Gifted Academy special programs
*** Offers Adult Education program

How do I Apply for the Montessori Program?

We welcome students from all over the district who are interested in a Maria Montessori education.

Pre-Kindergarten Lottery

The Pre-Kindergarten lottery is open to receiving pre-k applications every year from the 1st business day of January to the 2nd Friday of March. Click on the link below to learn more about it!  

Click this video link to learn more about the application process for the Pre-Kindergarten Lottery.

If you missed the Pre-Kindergarten lottery, but is still interested in applying, please submit a non-lottery application, 'Interest Form'. Scroll below for the link. Interested seats are considered after the waitlist seats from the lottery draw. 

How Seats are Filled

Seats are distributed across all RPS elementary attendance zones through a lottery. The lottery is conducted in April for students who applied and whose parent/guardian attended an orientation. Notification of lottery results is  sent by US postal mail after the lottery has taken place.

As limited seats become available, they are filled from eligible students on the lottery waitlist. Interest form responses are also considered, after the lottery waitlist is exhausted. Families interested in Mari Montessori at Marsh after open application dates are closed may fill out an interest form (see below). Interest forms are time stamped, and an interest list is maintained in this order. 

Sibling Priority and prior experience

Sibling priority is given to students living in the same home as students who are already enrolled in the program (pre-kindergarten through 7th grade). If the only sibling attending Montessori is currently in 8th grade and will attend high school in the upcoming school year, sibling preference for the upcoming school year does not apply. Prior experience in a Montessori program is not considered for 4 year old Pre-K lottery, but is considered for students entering grades 2 and up, when the lottery waitlist merges with the ongoing interest list. Students must be enrolled in a Montessori program for the year prior to being offered a seat.

If the only sibling at Montessori is eligible for another special program through lottery or fall Kindergarten gifted testing and accepts the seat, sibling preference does not apply.


A lottery waitlist is created and each student is assigned a number. The lottery list is maintained through 1st grade.

2024-2025 pre-k lottery waitlist


kindergarden - grade 8 waitlist

*If a seat become available for your child in second grade and above, you will be contacted by the school to set up a student interview and family orientation. 

The following items are required for the Student Interview:

  • A project-based learning sample as evidence of critical thinking
  • Participation in an informal interview to showcase the student portfolio
  • Explanation within the student portfolio to examples of service to a community, their school, or their family.


Non-Lottery Application (Interest Form)

Interest forms can be completed below for students entering Pre-K through 6th grade who missed the lottery period during their respective age-eligibility year.


*If a seat become available for your child in second grade and above, you will be contacted by the school to set up a student interview and family orientation. Please see the above list of what is required for the Student Interview.

After completing the interest form, all non-lottery applications will be time stamped and added to the interest list at the bottom of the lottery waitlist.

Applications will be time stamped and added to the interest list by grade level. Each student will be assigned a number that identifies them. The parent or guardian is contacted if a seat becomes available and is given an application to complete for consideration for placement in the program.


Have Questions?

Candice Collins 
Maria Montessori Principal

Tiffany Vang 
Special Programs Coordinator